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Stanislas DUTREIL (Badenoch & Clark) : Why The Grand Duchy ?

As Managing Director of two well recognised recruitment brands in Luxembourg, Stanislas DUTREIL’s next mission is the merge of these brands, becoming LHH Recruitment Solutions – Luxembourg’s largest, and complete, Talent Solutions provider (Recruitment, Assessment, Outplacement, Coaching, HR advisory) with 35+ employees.

How can companies (and Luxembourg) attract candidates to Luxembourg? 

Although Luxembourg is still considered an attractive location and a central hub for many skilled professionals, future employees are now not only attracted by a good salary and benefits. They are looking for an employer who match with their personal and professional values, ambitions and who are conscience about, Diversity & Inclusion, ESG and Homeworking policies, to name but a few.   

"People are at the core of our business, and everyone has a chance to be part of the future of work."


How can companies reduce their staff turnover? 

One way would be by implementing a well structuring and complementary onboarding plan.  This is a key element for any company to offer a new employee in their first days, weeks, and months, crucial for long term recruitment plans and for a successful and long-term commitment.  

How can HR help companies grow? 

HR need to stay close to the business and to understand trends such as diversity & inclusion, homework policies, talent retention and work environment etc.  To identify and nurture talent by offering them a broad scope of trainings and coaching, allowing them to progress professionally.  

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