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Jean-Claude Lucius (Baker Tilly) : Make our clients grow in a smart way

From small companies to large firms in industry, insurance, and the financial sector, Baker Tilly draws on Luxembourg’s flexible approach to regulation to help its clients grow from serving their local market to becoming global players. Since Covid, they have seen this as more of a partnership process with their clients.

Can you present Baker Tilly in a few words?


50 years of experience here in Luxembourg with in-depth knowledge of the markets, Baker Tilly Luxembourg focuses on more and more specific needs of its clients to make them grow from local to global. With close to 130 collaborators, Baker Tilly Luxembourg's portfolio consists of small and medium-sized companies, large industrial groups, insurance companies, banks and other financial sector players, as well as individuals. Baker Tilly Luxembourg is an independent member of the Baker Tilly International network which is present in 148 countries. Ranked among the 10 largest worldwide networks of accounting, tax, audit and business advice firms, it has 706 offices and employs close to 39,000 people.

JC Lucius.jpeg

“We are now more than ever in a trustworthy relationship.”

How are your client’s needs changing and how do you adapt to them?

Since the covid crisis, we can say that relations with our clients changed a lot. We really feel we are in real partnership and collaboration has increased to go forward. We are now more than ever in a trustworthy relationship. The second thing is that digitalization has transformed the way we work together. We have developed new IT tools to share, automatize and optimize the data transmission between us and the client.




Which risks and opportunities are you identifying for Luxembourg in general and for Baker Tilly in particular?

The constant evolution and complexification of EU regulations may represent a challenge for the Luxembourg market. However, it is important to note that Luxembourg has always been able to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in order to meet such challenges. Baker Tilly Luxembourg is in the same trend. Our teams work in an agile way to anticipate these potential changes and assist our clients to turn complexity into opportunity. We are also part of a global network that can provide support on complex situations.

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