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Antoine Paillusseau ( ) : An African Tech Company helping global Financial Services Institutions to increase their conversion rates has a continuous commitment to guaranteeing performance-driven, conversational AI solutions in which clients can increase their contactability, engagement and conversion rates while reducing operating costs. is an indispensable partner to unleash the best customer experiences. 

Can you present your company in a few words?, a global technology company, specialises in performance-driven conversational AI solutions. Founded in South Africa in 2016, with offices in Europe and the UK, is focused on revolutionising the user experience, with a focus predominantly in financial services including insurance, banking, telecoms, retail, debt collection, etc. As a performance-focused partner to its clients, manages and optimises its AI solutions over time to ensure high conversions and return on investment. was established by Antoine Paillusseau and Romain Diaz. The founders recognised that call centres are increasingly under pressure, inefficient, saturated and expensive. Often not delivering the intended results in terms of  sales conversion and customer satisfaction. Thus they dedicated to the goal of bringing people closer to financial services with an interactive and fun experience, while enabling financial service providers to enhance customer experience and maximise business performance by saving time and money. 

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“Financial service providers' ever growing need to acquire more clients at lower costs (all while delighting them) creates a  massive interest in our solution. We are building the most effective solutions to power the industry through AI and are always on the lookout for new partners who share our vision of success”

How are your customers' needs changing and how do you adapt to them? 

Customers have increased their use of self-service during the pandemic. According to a survey conducted by Salesforce, 65% of customers prefer self-service for simple matters. In addition, 83% of customers expect to interact with someone immediately when they contact a company. 

The increased demand for customer service isn’t being met with increased resources as businesses take a hard look at their budgets amid economic uncertainty. Conversational agents help automate 80% of customer queries so call center agents can focus on more complex queries. As an example, a popular tactic for relieving agents of high-volume, low-complexity cases is deflecting them to an AI-powered chatbot in the first place. 

With conversational AI, Financial service providers can expect a 90% completion rate, a 4.5/5 average customer experience rating, a 74% collection rate and a 98% non-cancellation outcome. Furthermore, with the addition of our marketplace, clients can begin to digitise many manual processes for improved customer experiences and accuracy such as eKYC, OCR and digital signatures. Today companies need to be able to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the customer. The pandemic expedited customer expectations in terms of digitisation.  

How can Luxembourg’s ecosystem help you grow? 


As business ecosystems grow, it is critical to stay ahead of trends.’s growth strategy is based on international expansion through a dedicated Country Director in each specific location to build relationships and establish partnerships. Local knowledge, experience and strong understanding of the market is critical. Luxembourg would give the opportunity to expand as the evidence is now clear that we are entering an era where most companies will heavily utilize ecosystem business models to drive innovation and the pace and capital efficiency with which they create customer value.  

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