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Caroline Lamboley (Lamboley Executive Search): Making Headhunting Personal 

With over 25 years of experience in recruitment, Caroline Lamboley has identified the unique challenges presented by Luxembourg’s C-suite. 

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Can you present your company in  a  few words?  


Lamboley Executive Search is an independent headhunting firm built on more than 20 years of human resources experience in Luxembourg’s auditing firms. The company supports clients hiring high profile staff such as C-level executives and experienced professionals. Whether clients are large international groups or family-owned structures, Lamboley combines an understanding of the client's business needs with knowledge of the market and a network of connections, to provide a holistic approach to recruitment. Companies use this service to find unique recruits who are difficult to identify through the usual channels, or who need to be recruited confidentiality. Candidates are found through personal networks or by looking for people with potential who are not actively looking for work. The client company and its culture are evaluated through in-person meetings, to get a full perspective. This step is essential to understand the personal dimension and assess which recruits will be able to adapt to a company's culture. 

“It is by looking at talent and potential that we can solve the shortage, looking at the soft skills necessary for the success of a mission and then training them.” – Caroline Lamboley 

How are your client’s needs evolving?  


Companies are confronted with a talent shortage, thanks to standardised recruitment. A company's skills needs evolve as the business environment changes and technology advances, but many companies only look at the skills to support their immediate needs. This gives rise to an imaginary, perfect profile, in which competence is assessed solely from the angle of know-how. The limits of this approach quickly become apparent. It is by looking at talent and potential that we can solve the shortage, looking at the soft skills necessary for the success of a mission and then training them. We need to look at unusual profiles that may have more potential. Redefining the place of skills is a first solution, allowing the retention of employees who are no longer interested in a restrictive vision of themselves as mere resources or toolboxes.  



What are the main challenges you face in Luxembourg? 


The Luxembourg labour market is unique. It is characterised by a relatively low unemployment rate and a dynamic economic fabric in which the financial sector plays a predominant role. For example, many financial companies have automated certain production lines, requiring advanced analytical skills. As a result, the greater region is not enough to meet the demands of companies. It is therefore necessary to explore beyond our borders or to attract non-active candidates. As a consequence, recruits are in a position of strength and employer branding has become an essential criterion for attracting the best talent. Companies need to work harder to close deals with candidates with specific, specialised, multilingual and experienced profiles. Giving purpose to daily tasks, giving the desire to perform, and giving staff the means to embody the company's values beyond its internal borders are all priorities for any company in Luxembourg. 

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