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Kariem Abdellatif (Mercator by Citco): Redefining Entity Portfolio Management  

Mercator®by Citco is the pioneer of Global Entity Portfolio Management. This industry sits at the intersection of traditional governance services, legal technology offerings, and operational support services for overseas entities.  

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Can you present your company in a few words? 

Global Entity Portfolio Management is a specialized field that requires a specialist service. We provide multinational companies with a best-in-class solution to manage and organize their portfolio of entities in a stable, predictable, and consistent manner. Mercator harmonizes the governance of its clients’ legal entities through a unique global operating infrastructure and our proprietary technology. Our platform - Entica™ - is custom-designed around the practice of managing a global portfolio of entities and delivers our customers with unparalleled accuracy, transparency, and control over entity workflows. This proprietary technology is key to our offering, seamlessly linking all areas of our client service operations. Our centralized client service infrastructure can provide end-to-end support in over 170 jurisdictions worldwide. 

“Technology has a significant role to play in enabling in-house legal teams to navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment.” 

How are your clients’ needs evolving and do you adapt to them? 

Our clients — in-house legal and corporate secretarial teams — work in a challenging environment where regulations change constantly, and internal stakeholders need to be assured that each entity is properly managed and compliant. However, a healthy governance framework can become difficult to maintain without the right resources and technology. Moreover, we must highlight that global entity portfolio management traditionally involves sourcing and working with multiple providers. They each include a different service standard, sometimes becoming an additional administrative burden for in-house teams. What is needed is as close to a centralized platform as possible - a single technology system for entities to promote portfolio consistency and transparency. Entica™ offers a single source of truth for users and we are always evolving and adding functionality to ensure that it supports their needs. Our experienced and dedicated jurisdictional experts master local procedures and the nuances of local law, ensuring timely and accurate information updates in the face of an increasingly complex regulatory environment. 

What market developments do you foresee for Mercator in Luxembourg in the next five years? 

Luxembourg’s international workforce, its solid reputation for stability, and its hospitable business environment attracts multinationals across major business sectors. In one of our recent reports which analyzed the cost and time for pharmaceutical companies to complete corporate secretarial activities, the data showed that Luxembourg was the most cost-effective jurisdiction to base entities. Ultimately, we strive to provide international companies with the innovation and constant bearings required to manage their entities worldwide, while focusing on providing services to our clientele in Luxembourg. This will allow them to do business seamlessly across borders and jurisdictions. 

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