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Lorna Glynn (Paragon) : Digitisation of Investor Communications for the Asset, Wealth and Pensions Industry 

Thanks to its international presence and cross-jurisdiction solutions, Paragon represents a trusted strategic partner to over 70% of the Asset, Wealth and Pensions market. That trust is shown by the 20-year average relationship we have with our clients.  

Can you present your company in a few words? 

Operating in more than 20 countries, Paragon has revenues of €1.2 billion and over 8,000 employees. Our team consists of global investor communication specialists, providing a 360° multichannel solution that delivers digital optimization while enabling cost and carbon efficiency along the investor journey. Operating from key financial services jurisdictions, we understand the challenges facing the industry and tailor our products and solutions accordingly. We connect our clients with best-in-class technology and transform the customer journeys they can deliver on a global scale. 

“By extending our presence in Europe via Luxembourg, we are really excited to be able to provide an enhanced customer experience for asset managers and their investors.” 

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What are the main trends that influence your activity?  

The main trends that influence customer communications in the Asset and Wealth sector are digitisation: the growing use of digital channels for communication and service delivery, like mobile apps and online portals, is changing the way in which customers interact with asset and wealth managers. But also, customer experience: customer experience has always characterized a high importance, with our clients continuously looking for ways to personalise and improve their client interactions. As well, data privacy: with growing concerns over data privacy, we have to ensure we focus on providing secure and transparent communication channels for our clients and subsequently their clients. Moreover, regulation: regulatory changes, such as GDPR, MiFID II and SFDR, are driving changes in customer communications and companies must ensure compliance while maintaining a high level of engagement with their clients. Finally, artificial intelligence: companies are increasingly leveraging AI and machine learning to improve customer communications, offering real-time and personalised information to clients. 

How are your customers' needs evolving? 

The evolving needs of our customers are shaped by three key factors: digitisation, sustainability, and data insights. Digitalisation: Technology is transforming the way in which our clients work and interact with their end clients. They are now exploring technology that will enable them to automate procedures, enhance their online presence, and communicate with their clients through digital channels in any jurisdiction, in any language and in real time. Sustainability: Sustainability is becoming a key concern for many investors, leading all of our clients to consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment processes. Data Insights: The proliferation of big data and advanced analytics have made it possible for our clients to gain deeper insights into market trends and consumer behaviour, which can inform their investment decisions. They are investing in data analytics and AI to gain a competitive edge and drive growth. 

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