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Talkwalker : Protecting Your Reputation – Enhancing Your Ability to Listen

Talkwalker’s homegrown AI was launched in 2009 with strong support from the Luxembourg R&D ecosystem. An extraordinary local success story, its proprietary ‘listening solution’ now monitors 150 million+ brands worldwide and employs over 250 people between Europe, Asia and America.  


Anything but your reputation: 

‘You can afford to lose money,’ Warren Buffet said, ‘but not your reputation.’   

Luxembourg tech startup Talkwalker takes Buffet’s adage one step further.  

Now called an ‘enterprise-level social listening tool’, Talkwalker monitors ‘multiple social media networks, blogs, forums, review’ and news in a single platform, before the damage is too far-gone. Launched during social media’s infancy, Talkwalker began as a tool to enable brands and entrepreneurs – people just like Buffet – to confront and eradicate slander said of them in the marketplace.   

But times have changed. Written as an internal memo in 2014, Buffet’s letter speaks of a world that no longer exists – a world controlled by editorial gatekeepers and legacy media. Narrative could be, if not controlled, actively confronted. But in our age of disinformation, online slander, trolls, and conspiracy, a solution was needed to not only respond to slander – but to go one step further and intuitively manage brand identity with actionable insights in real-time.    

Beyond the negative: active listening: 

Talkwalker promotes an AI tool that enables brands to engage with audiences ‘quickly and at scale’. The solution is now as much about active listening skills as it is about reputation management. Providing real-time feedback, Talkwalker is a ‘collaborative tool for large, multi-functional teams’ to pivot and produce marketing that is on-trend, on-tone and on-message.   

“It decreases lag time between brand management and consumer feedback. More important yet, it creates proximity between the brand and the brand’s divergent stakeholders and consumers.”    

Context amongst your peers: 

Talkwalker’s listening AI is a comprehensive solution for identifying analytics – but further yet, context, and ultimately, the emotion that context elicited.  It’s a comprehensive algorithmic solution to identifying keywords, hashtags, industry terms and even emojis.  It’s a complete overview of how people respond to your brand, its services, and products. Known as ‘sentiment analysis’, Talkwalker is an essential ‘time to insight’ tool for brands looking to gather a broad understanding of their market. 

Gone are the days of a one-sided promotional narrative alone.  Reputation management now centres on a more holistic approach that includes customer care, customer awareness and an ability to respond to feedback in real time. Campaigns must be monitored – measuring metrics, feedback (good and bad), analysing threats and identifying competitors.  ROI’s new bottom line now includes conversational intelligence as much as it does consumer metrics.   

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